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Being white, beautiful, and extremely lustful is what female student Yui Amane not only captivates the male classmates in her class, but also the eager teachers who always secretly look at them. Seeing her lift up her skirt to copy, her classmate took the opportunity to peek at her shapely legs and her underwear, thinking that he also wanted to copy, so when she saw that, she lifted her skirt even more. tall so she could see more clearly, it wasn't until the supervisor came out that she realized his true intentions. Knowing that he craved her body along with his inherent lust, the female student did not shyly helped her friend relieve his desire. Next, at the library, this girl continued to look for tall, handsome male students and propositioned them, making them unable to control their feelings. He agreed to have sex with her secretly right in the library. Not only that, the physical education teacher also liked her so much that during gym class, he secretly called her into the locker room. for massage, and by the way, invite her to fuck you. And yet, even the principal found an unreasonable reason to invite her to his office to threaten her with skipping class if she did not comply with his wishes.

CAWD-141 The female student is confident with her cock sucking skills
CAWD-141 The female student is confident with her cock sucking skills
 Movie Code: CAWD-141 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Yui Amane 
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